Trinity Doberman Pinschers
Bred For Longevity
Faithful, Loving, Guardians for Todays Family

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Trinity Vom Wolf - Pedigree


Report Date: 01/01/2004



Research Pedigree - 4 Generation

Trinity Vom Wolf


Reg Name:

Trinity Vom Wolf

Reg #:

WS067904/06 09-06


Doberman Pinscher

Birth Date:





Black & Rust





Trinity Vom Wolf
WS067904/06 09-06
Black & Rust

Matrix V. Dunav Stam
WR072261/01 04-04 (Yugoslavia)
Black & Rust
AKC DNA #V349364

Baron Nike Renewal
JR SP 75450 DOB (Yugoslavia)

Prinz Vom Norden Stamm
ENCI DS091001

Quinn Dei Nobili Nati
ENCI LOI 07871 (West Germany)

Kastra V Norden Stamm
ENCI LOI 098286 (West Germany)

Borana Sawages
JR Sp 71417 Dob

Graaf Festus V Neerlands Stam
NHSB 1785284

Heidy Royal-Bell
JR SP 41599

Bony Del Mediano
JR 82204 DOB

Ginogomez Del Citone
ENCI 98/42928 (Italy)

Astor Del Citone
ENCI 144318

Arielledamour Del Citone
ENCI 144317

Tahi-Reme Wally
MET Dob.1729/95

Graaf Quirinus V Neerlands Stam
NHSB 1550587 (Netherlands)

Tahi-Reme Liz
MET 3495/92

Prada Dei Galileo Galilei
WS065382/01 04-04 (Italy)
Black & Rust

Roccohknokando Del Riobianco
ENCI 00/8294

Nilo Del Rio Bianco
ENCI DS132577

Nero Del Diamante Nero
JR 108119

Athena Del Rio Bianco
JR DS105249

Zeni Del Riobianco
ENCI DS169167

Napoleone Del Riobianco
WP836202/01 08-98 (Italy)
Black & Rust

Farah Del Rio Bianco
ENCI DS115088

Borgia Dei Galileo Galilei
ENCI 98/114699

Dior For Regent Blue
ENCI DS157044

(Not Available Online)

(Not Available Online)

WP854257/01 (Italy)
Black & Rust

Uno Del Diamante Nero
ENCI DS 126405

Lamia Del Diamante Nero
WP836571/01 (Italy)
Black & Rust


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