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Information about Reserving & Purchasing a Trinity Puppy

One of my 1st litters

Thank you so much for considering adding a Trinity Puppy to your family. Please read the information below, which hopefully will answer most if not all of your questions. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. If after reading the information below you are interested in adding a Trinity puppy please fill out and submit the puppy questionnaire so that I can start the approval process.  I look forward to getting to know you!

Usually, the litters are pretty much reserved before they are born, so better to be approved and then if you should find another puppy in the mean time, just let me know, than wait to be approved but there be no puppies left. Being approved does not obligate you to purchasing a puppy but pre approval will reserve your place in line to be matched to your specific puppy.   First reserved is matched first, 2nd reserved gets matched 2nd etc.  Puppy matching takes place at 6 weeks of age, which is when the litter is "graded" or ranked.

All my pups are sold on a contract with a 6 year health guarantee, please be sure and read and review the contract by clicking the button “Sales Contract” as I have training expectations you will have to agree to meet when you purchase a puppy from me

All my puppies are AKC registered, all pups will be vWD DNA Clear or Carrier. Macy will produce mostly Black/Rust puppies and the occaisional blue/rust puppy.  Jazmine will produce both Black and Red pups.

Trinity puppies come AKC Registered, docked, cropped, dew claws removed, micro-chipped (Home Again), crate trained, lots of socialization, Bio-sensor exercises day 1 - 16, pups will be used to nail dremmeling, have received age appropriate vaccinations and worming, huge puppy packet with lots of helpful information and most important of all, my support for the lifetime of your new Doberman Puppy. 

NEWS FLASH!!!!! - I now have a web camera for the Whelping Box, Puppy Play Pen and outside puppy yard so I can arrange individual puppy visits by appointment !! - this is really fun for me and those of you wanting to see the pups and watch them grow.

By the time most Trinity Pups go to their new homes, they will know how the commands for  “Sit” and “leave it” and depending on the weather they will also have some leash training. The play pen inside and the puppy yard outside have lots of differnt objects to provide a sensory rich learning environment.

Puppy Price is $  please email for price as puppy cost will vary depending on many things.

 SHIPPING YOUR PUPPY - Because of the new USDA/Aphis rule regarding the sale of pet puppies which went into effect November 18, 2013, USDA will limit the sale of pups sight-unseen by buyers to those Breeders who have 4 or fewer breedable females. This new rule is not very clear as to the criteria small hobby// home breeders need to meet in order to be excluded from acquiring a USDA breeder license. Although I meet the limit of 4 or less breedable females, the language is just not clear on whether any breeder will be able to ship pet puppies to buyers sight-unseen (internet sales).   We need to wait and see how the rule is interpreted and applied as to whether or not I can still ship puppies considered Pet/Companion animals.  It appears that with only 4 females, that I am in compliance with the criteria,  and I am hopeful that I can still ship and be in compliance with the above new rules.  I will not be forced to get a USDA License as that would be the end of raising my pups in my home as I have for over 25 years.  I will stop breeding before I am forced to keep all my dogs in a separate kennel building, raising pups in stainless steel cages and exercising in concrete kennel runs. If you are not local please call and discuss shipping and what the latest interpretations of this new rule seems to be.

The next few months should make the rules and criteria clearer so hopefully since I have 4 or fewer breedable females shipping will still be available as long as ground temperatures permit.  If shipping is permitted, the Airline cost for shipping is rising, for my last litter, shipping any where in the US was approx $350 + the price of the crate $50 - $80. I do sometimes have crates available to loan you - as long as you promise to mail them back once your pup outgrows the crate - cost if mailed the cheapest way possible is only about $25.

There is also the possibility that buyers could fly in, meet me and pick up your puppy face-to-face and then fly home the same or  next day with the cost of the puppy flying as checked baggage, usually only about $100?.

IF, Pups can be shipped, they will also need a health certificate which is $60, and as much as I want to facilitate getting your puppy to you, if I have to drive to either Reagan (Wash DC) or Dulles Airports there will be a $75 airport delivery fee - the flights are usually very early in the morning, entailing me leaving home at around 4 AM!
  I am just getting too old to get up that early for free *LOL*

 As always I will create several photo albums with weekly uploads of photos & video's of all pups in each litter.  With the Puppy Webcam broadcasting from 9am to 9pm buyers can see their pups from the time they are born.

Those buyers that are local come and visit the puppies in person the weekend the pups are 6 weeks old.  I do not allow visitation between birth and 6 weeks of age.  However between 6 weeks to 10 weeks, local buyers can come and play with thei pups every Sunday from  

Trinity pups are well socialized ready to become a member of your family - Buying a Trinity Puppy is the beginning of a long and joy filled relationship between you me and our Dober-puppy.  Give me a call to discuss any of this information, I look forward to talking "Doberman" with you!


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