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 Hi Gail,

Just wanted to give you an update on "Hero."  He has matured into an absolutely gorgeous dog.  People tell me wherever I take him that he is one of the most beautiful dobermans that they have ever seen.  He is definitely the male, more masculine version of Jezebel. 

He is an incredibly intelligent dog.  And he definitely is "my dog" because he never leaves my side.  If I go in my bedroom and close my door I can hear him put his weight against it to lay down.  Everyone always knows where I am because he is always there.  He is also so sweet.  He wants me to be touching him all the time.  Sometimes he will lay down beside me when I'm reading or on the computer and every few minutes he will get up and put his paw on me for attention or to be rubbed.  He has learned that I sometimes don't want his paw on me and he will jump down really quickly and get really close to me with his body waiting for me to rub him. 

He's just a great dog!  Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with him.

Take care!


 Hi there Gail!! Great to hear from you!
        Mandy is just great!  She has some arthritis in her back left knee which was causing her a little discomfort and the vet said I needed to take about 20 lbs. off her (she was 110 lbs.) or she would be a cripple, so I did. Since then, she did a complete 360. She runs like a deer and is much more active. She is still food obsessive though, lol.
    Gail, I swear, I could not ask for a better dog! She is the most loving, the most obedient and the best watch dog I have ever had. I don't know about protection because I have never shown her any aggression or taught her any but I would hope if she had to protect me, she would.

Regards, Joanne
Hello Gail, I think we have a water Doberman! We took her on a boat ride last weekend, she loved it. We couldn't get her to get out when we were done. I didn't have a doggie life vest so we put one of ours on her. Now I know that she likes it, I will have to get her one. Also, here she is with my niece. They are joined at the hip. She is wonderful with everyone. It is hard to believe that at 10 months she has the behaveor of a 7 year old dog. Absolutely wonderful. Very well trained and obiedient. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Thank you so much for letting her join our family.  KWertz
Hello Gail! No need to worry about your Alaskan Doberman Transplant!! He is a happy go lucky puppy enjoying the heck out of my kids and Ozzy. He plays in the yard with the kids everday...and even in the rain! He loves the heated towel and the ear changing afterward! He has sweaters and rain coats and he is too cute! We actually call him Patron. Wierd hu? But when we were playing around with names, I said in a joke what about Patrone? Everyone loved it and he perked up to immediately, so Patrone it is. It looks good on him. He responds to that name better than Doble? Wierd! Guess he likes it too!!  HA HA!! He chose his own name!
 He is a wonderful pup. I completely adore him. He does drive Ozzy Bonkers though. He stands in front of him a barks non-stop at him until Ozzy mouths him and growls. Than he backs off for about 2 minutes! LOL!! He already knows Right heal and Left heal and come, sit, down, dead. He's incredibly intelligent!!!! What a blessing he is!
 Well, I gotta run. VERY BUSY!!!!!! Take care!!!!
Hi Gail
I am so sorry it took me so long to get some good photos and finally send them to you of "Rainbow" Stella.  As you can see she is growing like a weed.  She can definitely hold her own with her dobie-sister Lexi (in photos, the one in the back).  She is a good eater, great about spending time in her crate and is housebroken.  She spends her days playing with Lexi, taking long (a good hour) walks/runs, and is turning into a couch potato.  She is a very happy puppy and we love her!!! 

Hey Gail,
I just wanted to update you on a few things. Stan took Atretes to the vet for his shots today (12 wks). He weighs 25lbs!! The vet said he's healthy and looks great. She commented on the shininess of his coat - I washed him last week with Paul Mitchell shampoo and it did make his coat nice and shiny.
Atretes played with our neighbors dog all weekend - the other dog is such a good sport! Atretes learned to go down the stairs too! What a relief! We've been teaching him leave it, along with everything else you recommended and he's doing really well.
We are so pleased with him and the way he's 'maturing'. He cuddles with me every time i sit on the floor - so precious. I've never spent so much time on the floor. We're just so happy :)
Thanks again!
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