Trinity Doberman Pinschers
Bred For Longevity
Faithful, Loving, Guardians for Todays Family

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 Trinity's Twilight Seduction
 Int/Nat'l, U-GCh Von Wolfz Outlaw Dei Diablo CGC X U-PA/FO Favorite V Pendragon CGC
DobeQuest Pedigree:

vWD=Clear by Parentage
Dentention= Full
WSU DCM DNA Test = Negative
CERF= Normal


Raven @ 20 months
Photo February 2012

 Raven at 20 months

Raven at 9 months

Raven at 20 months

Raven @ 13 weeks

Raven @ 9 months

Spring 2013 - Raven has been retired due to my getting older, increased physical disability.  She will continue to my beloved pet and companion and live out her life here with me.

The Diablo/Favorite litter or "Twilight litter" was an opportunity to dream about the future, looking forward... adding new healthy known bloodlines, with the goal of improving on a very good past foundation.

Raven, is too smart for her own good  - and though outgoing and confident, she is a follower with no asperations to leadership *LOL* which is exactly what I needed with 2 alpha bitchs already in the pack.  She is a real snuggle bunny and  very content to follow Lestat's lead and since he is calm and cool as a cucumber - thats what she is too *grin*.

Raven is very athletic so has learned she can leap, in a single bound, right over the  5' horse fence!  Cheeky little thing is rather too proud she can do that - looks like some electric fencing on the inside is in order !!!

Raven is a very easy pup - she knows her basic obedience solid and is just hanging out waiting to grow up - I am hoping to get her out to the IABCA show in the Fall in hopes of earning her International Championship.  She and Lestat are the evidence of just how far my breeding program has come and are truely examples of quality pups that meet the standard.

Keep checking back - and see how she matures!

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