Trinity Doberman Pinschers
Bred For Longevity
Faithful, Loving, Guardians for Todays Family

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Puppy Buyer's Pledge


I Pledge that I will make the time committment required to raise and train my Trinity Doberman Puppy to be an obedient, well mannered, well socialized Dober-Citizen. 

I acknowledge that TRAINING my puppy is not an option, or something that can be put off for a few weeks or months.  Training my Trinity Puppy from the first day I bring him home  is an obligation I accept when I choose to add a puppy to my family.  Training my puppy cannot be secondary to any other responsibility that I may have in my life.  

My new puppy deserves My best efforts to raise him correctly.  Puppies, like children, do not raise themselves. I won't embarrass myself or my puppy by taking them into situations they have not been properly prepared for and then expect them to magically “know” what I have not taken the time to teach them.   I promise to set my Puppy and Me up for success... not failure.

I won't be lazy and put off until later the training that is required to ensure proper mental growth, development and socialization necessary to raise a well behaved, obedient puppy.  My puppy deserves to receive this training from me so that they can be the best dog possible.  I won't let him or his breeder down with regard to raising our puppy. 

As a Trinity Doberman puppy buyers I PLEDGE  to make the commitment to invest the time and effort required for training My puppy that he deserves. I acknowledge that training is not a once a day, or once a week for 8 weeks activity, it is a full time job, 24/7 to do it properly. If I put in the training time from the beginning, I will reap the reward of having a well behaved, obedient dog, mentally stable adult Doberman.  I deserve this and more importantly My puppy deserves this too.  I won't get a puppy if I cannot make My Puppy the most important aspect of My daily life. 

This is my Pledge as a Trinity Dobes Puppy Buyer

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