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My Statement


Gail Forrest / Trinity Doberman Pinchers

Statement with regard to Ms Janice Cox’s post on a Yahoo Doberman Email Group
September 12, 2010 titled Sad Breeder Experience
plus continued posts on numerous internet sites,
in an attempt to libel me and the puppy she bought from me
Trinity"s Rejoice and Be Glad aka "Macy"


I am posting this response on my website in the hope that this will respond to the continued libelous accusations that I sold her a dog with a bad temperament and to answer the many false allegations stated in her posts on the internet.  I do not want to get caught up in a cyber exchange of he said/she said, so am offering this statement as to the facts to the best of my memory and to add important facts strategically missing from Ms Cox’s statement of events. 


First, I think it unfair that I and my dogs are continuing to be accused in online group forums where in most cases I am not even a member, so the accused, me, has no opportunity to rebutt the accusations because I am not aware of her public posting.  Thank goodness one of my puppy buyers brought this to my attention when they picked up their puppy 9/13/10.  Ms Cox needs to be careful about the statements she continues to post on the internet.  False statements regarding my character and the character of my dogs is libel.  I will not tolerate lies about myself or my dogs.


9/3/2010 - Ms Cox sued me in small claims court for $2,427.00 and LOST.  After hearing both sides present their evidence, the Judge found for the Defense (me) and dismissed the case with no judgment or money being granted to Ms Cox.  Since Ms Cox has lost her suit against me using the legal route, she apparently is trying for a better outcome in the court of public opinion, seeking the support and absolution from strangers online that she did not receive from me or or the Judge in Orange County Circuit court.   

Ms. Cox lost in the legal court system  9/3/2010 - she has lost in the court of public opinion and now she has appealed the original general district court decision to the next higher Circit Court to have a second bite of the apple seeking a different result from a new trial. 

12/9/2010 - Ms. Cox's appeal of the lower court decision was heard on December 9, 2010 and she again LOST! Ms. Cox presented 3 witnesses and other evidence in an attempt in this trial to prove that I had "breeched" our contract by selling her a dog that was dominant when she requested a dog that was submissive.  After we both presented our testimony, witnesses, and evidence - the Circuit Court judge again found that Ms. Cox had not even come close to meeting her burden of proof in her law suit and found in my favor, granting her no judgement of the monies requested.

Ms Cox informed the Judge that she intends to appeal this Circuit Court decision to The Supreme Court of Virginia - If Ms. Cox spent as much time training Macy the 9 months she had her, as she has harrassing me with frivolous law suits - we could have avoided this whole situation.


I have nothing to hide in this matter, I did nothing wrong and 2 different judges have agreed with me.  If anyone has a burning desire for further clarification after reading this statement – please feel free to contact me privately via email at, or you may call the telephone number located here on my website. 

In response to Janice Cox's on line postings I offer the following statement in clarification.

Over the past 2+ years, Ms. Cox, her sister and both her nephews have been to my home and spent hours with all my dogs and 2 different litters of pups as well as visited her own puppy from 4 weeks to 10 weeks.  I knew she did not want a dominant alpha puppy and I did not sell her a dominant alpha puppy.  She was sold a submissive puppy who had a sound loving obedient personality and temperament when she left my care. at 10 weeks of age. 


Ms Cox did not properly socialize Macy "ENOUGH" to strangers and dogs at the proper time... when she first took her home.  There is more to socialization than the occasional trip to Petsmart or a flea market on the weekends.  Ms Cox did not enroll Macy in any formal obedience class until she was 8 months old. After the first class Ms Cox called me in tears because Macy barked & growled at the other dogs.  The instructors separated Macy from the group and offered no plan for correcting the behavior or helping her with Macy.  Ms Cox did not finish this course and could not furnish a course completion certificate in court.  I was actually appalled at the way the trainers handled this situation.  I was so upset that I personally took the time to research and find her another trainer, which she then enrolled Macy in their course and she reported after the first class that she loved the trainer I found her – however Ms Cox missed more classes in this course than she attended.  I stayed in constant contact giving encouragement.  Unfortunately, too often when asked if she was excited about going to class this week the answer was “No, I’ve been too busy to practice and I don’t want to embarrass myself by not being able to do the commands we were to practice during the week”.  I would still encourage her to use the class with trainers present as an excellent training opportunity with hands on help – but in the end she chose not to go.


I must have exchanged dozens upon dozens of emails with Ms Cox – giving her training support and suggestions and encouragement.  I kept giving her encouragement telling her she was doing a good job with Macy, which was in hind sight, my mistake.  I should have just come out and been blunt by telling her that she was Macy’s biggest problem, that she was not making the training commitment necessary to raise this puppy properly, you don't just train on the weekends, its a 24/7 commitment.  There was no way that Macy could be properly socialized to strangers and dogs if she stays home week after week.  But I did not want to alienate Ms Cox nor to hurt her feelings, so I would always find something to praise her for first and then concentrate on spelling out what she needed to work on and a plan for going forward.


Ms Cox seems to refuse to accept any responsibility as Macy's owner  from 10 weeks to 11 months.  For raising and training her puppy or for having the major resposibility for creating the dog she had the age of 11 months  I offered 3 different times to take Macy back to reinforce the puppy obedience basics she left my home with, to get her back on track at NO CHARGE – all of my offers were refused.


I traveled 1 ½ hours one way to her home to help her with Macy – I spent the day showing her how to teach Macy the proper way to behave.  For example when company / family came Macy was allowed to JUMP up on and all over people when greeting them in a very uncontrolled manner – they laughed and said they just could not get her to stop. I sent everyone back outside, and put Macy in a sit on the leash and told her to stay.  Then asked the family to come back in, and they could only greet Macy if she stayed in a sit, and was calm.  AMAZING – it worked like a charm – I then kept Macy on the leash for the remainder of the visit so that any initiation of an appropriate behavior could be interrupted and good behavior could be reinforced and praised – she was a calm well behaved dog while on the leash the rest of the time I was at Ms Cox's house.


Ms Cox would take Macy to her sisters home almost daily, which was on quite a few acres and in the process of being built, and would encourage her to “exercise”.  In my opinion allowing her to run like a grey hound after a rabbit up and down the driveway was actually encouraging her to be like a “rat-on-crack” reaching such a level of excitement and mental frenzy that she would not listen, actually she could not listen because she was so over excited.  Macy would not come until she was good and ready.  Not coming when called and being unable to catch Macy was a dangerous situation, as she was then able to be in the horse pasture subject to possible injury from the horses.  I advised Ms Cox that Macy was too young and not well enough trained to be allowed the privilege of being off leash especially since she obviously did not have a reliable recall – she needed to put her on a long line so she could get controlled exercise but also be able to enforce the recall command.  I also told her that allowing her to reach that state of frenzy mentally and physically was counter productive to doing any training – Macy needed to be calm and mentally accessible in order for her to listen to Ms Cox and for any training/learning to be accomplished.


Now I will admit to being human, these pups are my children, and I was angry and very disappointed in Ms Cox when her sister called and told me the events of the day and that they had ALLOWED Macy to make such a bad decision.  So I admit that my response was that I was "pissed" at them for allowing Macy to make a bad decisions.  The consequence of this bad decision was that they were not willing to keep her with the liability she now posed since she had “nipped” the contractors pants leg.

Ms Cox had not communicated in the dozens of our emails, that Macy was escalating her alerting response to this particular contractor or anyone else. I learned of this escalating behavior when Ms Cox’s sister called after the event - Ms Cox communicated the details of this incident the next day in an email.  I don’t care how many times she’s seen the contractor at the sisters home,  he does not live in her house and is not a member of her family.  In Ms Cox's email she states she had a hold of Macy’s collar 3 times, THREE TIMES, each time she told her “NO you don’t do that”, and then released her to be free off leash, out of her control.  After the third time she released Macy, Ms Cox left the area to go to the barn and left Macy alone with the contractor.  By her own admission she was in the barn when Macy again started barking and circling the contractors truck and eventually nipped at the contractor's pants!  THREE opportunities to step in and take control and do something to either change the behavior, or control the behavior so she could not make a bad decision.  That is what training is! not just interrupting the behavior but changing it!!!! so yes I was very Angry at Ms Cox! for the lesson she had just taught Macy!


I do say on my website that I am breeding dobes you do not have to put up when company comes.  I still stand by this, I thought it should be understood that while in your house or in your yard you need to be in control of your dog at all times.  Especially with a puppy who is learning from its owner the proper response to oustide stimulus.  Its an owners responsibility to step in to correct an improper response at any time, this is how all dogs learn not just dobermans. Ms Cox did not have to put Macy up when company came to her house.  She needed to exert the sametraining and control outside that she did inside.  I also state on my website that these are Dobermans who are going to be naturally protective of their family home and property and its up to you to decide what is the proper response for your families situation and needs.  Macy was still a puppy not quite a year old, she was maturing and becoming naturally protective of even the sisters property.  She was doing what is normal even with the most submissive of Dobermans.


So, yes I will admit to breaking off any further attempt at communication with me.  I was angry and disappointed that I had failed my pup by not placing her with an owner who would make the forever commitment to raising her properly. I cut off communications with Ms Cox because I was not going to give her what she was so desperately seeking… My  absolution to her for abandonment of Macy.   I just could not deal with dozens more emails begging for me not to be mad at her and wanting me to agree with her that it was ALL Macy’s fault because she was an “alpha bitch”.  She wanted my agreement that she did the best she could do – well I’m sorry her best was not good enough.  When Macy needed her most – she abandoned her – thank God for my contract, and for Ms Cox honoring the contract by contacting me to arrange her return.  That at least in the end was the right thing for Ms Cox to do for Macy.


Ms Cox did not sue me for a refund for returning Macy, because by her own testimony in court, she read my contract prior to getting the puppy, there was a copy in her puppy packet that she took home with the puppy, she understood the terms of the contract, and she signed it.  What she sued me for was the cost of the 2 training classes $95 +$125 that she did not complete, the cost of a new puppy $1,500 the cost of the crate she had to buy to ship the puppy $70 and the cost of the airfare $313.78, the cost of the Brucellosis test $61.50 (which I did promise to repay, but once I received the suit for $2,427, I figured that was surely part of what the suit was about and would be awarded or not in court) and $53 court cost.

Once Macy was returned, I worked with a behaviorist and a trainer to set out a rehabilitation program for correctly socializing Macy to strange people and dogs.  We discovered Macy’s barking and growling at men and dogs was not dominance and aggression, but was actually FEAR based because she was a submissive puppy and did not receive the proper socialization as a young puppy.

Ms. Cox stated in open court testified that Macy was “human and dog aggressive” she wanted a Trinity Puppy because she wanted to get a puppy with a kind loving temperament that could get a CGC on and to eventually do Therapy work with – well that IS EXACTLY WHAT SHE WAS SOLD. 

August 21, 2010 (3 months after receiving her back) Macy was tested and passed her AKC Canine Good Citizen test and the same day passed and received her Therapy Dog International certification.  I think this says it all – I am an experienced dog owner but by no means an expert dog trainer, the fact that Macy was able to accomplish this feat in only 3 months after leaving Ms Cox says much more about the type of temperament this dog has than my training abilities


Macy has become the constant companion of my 85 year old mother, who is as soft as the day is long, but then all my dogs are obedient and submissive to my mother because they were trained to be that way – Macy will also now join my other young girl Jazmine and be doing hospice visits, hospital visits and joining the AKC Read Program. 


I am very grateful that her temperament was not permanently affected by the environmental influences provided by Ms Cox during her puppy hood.


Sincerely, Gail Forrest

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