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Thank you to Shakia Tate @ Stormhaus Designs for creating the
Champion Celebration Page Above

Thank you to Dede Bruno ~ Kennel Do'urden for training and handling Lestat 

Int'l CH., BIMBS U-CH, U-R02

Trinity's Twilight Anticipation, CGC

Int/Nat'l CH, U-GCh Von Wolfz Outlaw Dei Diablo CGC X U-PA/FO Favorite V Pendragon CGC
DobeQuest Pedigree:

OFA Hip Prelim 1 yr = OFA Prelim = Good
OFA Hip Final 3 yr = 9/2013 = Fair
OFA Full Thyroid Panel = 9/2013 Normal
OFA Heart Auscultation = 9/2013 Normal
Echo = 4/2017 Normal
Holter/Alba = 5/2017 Normal
Meurs DCM DNA = Negative
CERF = 6/18/11 Normal
vWD = Clear by Parentage
Full Dentition

Project Dog DNA Analysis for Dings – N/N Normal (PD-AA866)
The Doberman Diversity Project Genetic Diversity Testing = In process


2012 News Flash!!!!
Lestat  had a very successful Training season at Do'Urden Kennel Florida with his Aunt Dede Bruno!  Lestat competed and won his UKC Rally URO1 and his URO2, he passed his CGC Test and then earned his UKC Championship with taking a Best InMulti-Breed Show (BIMBS) placing at his last Florida show.  To earn this BIMBS he competed against several Grand U-CH dogs! a really excellent win against some very good dogs!!

He then competed in the IABCA show series being judged by 4 judges in 4 shows being awarded a V1 rating by each judge.  At just 20 months of age all 4 judges had wonderful remarks with them all remarking that he just needs to mature a bit.

I really can't express enough my gratitude to Dede for making my dreams come true by putting these titles on Lestat for me - although he had very solid basic obedience training on him - I physically could not 'JOG" him for presentation in the breed ring.
Int'l CH, BIMBS U-CH, URO2 Trinity's Twilight Anticipation, CGC

"Lestat" earning his IABCA International Championship Title (w/3 V1 ratings)
18 months old

"Lestat" earning his UKC Championship Title with a BIMBS Win!!!!
18 months old

April 2013 - 3 years old

Lestat  at 10 months
Love his expression

Lestat 14 Weeks 

April 2013 - 3 years old

Lestat  at 10 Months
He is so good about striking a pose!

Lestat at 4 1/2 months
"Oh No Its the Great Pumpkin
Charlie Brown"

Trinity's Twilight Anticipation
15 months old

Trinity's Twilight Anticipation
9 months old


Lestat 10 months old
Photo taken 4/15/11

 Lestat and Raven's litter or "Twilight litter" was an opportunity to dream about the future, looking forward... adding new healthy known bloodlines, with the goal of improving on a very good past foundation. 

I am very excited as I watch this awesome dober boy grow, mature and lead me into the future.  He is of course smart, funny, and already so very connected to me.  He is laid back and easy going but still on watch even at this age - quick to alert to anything that is out of place in his / our world! 

My plans at this point are to get Lestats out to some AKC shows and earn his Rally Novice and Rally Advanced titles.  Stay tuned and keep checking back as I add photos of him as he matures and grows up.

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