Trinity Doberman Pinschers
Bred For Longevity
Faithful, Loving, Guardians for Todays Family

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Jazmine X Baron Puppy Photos 
Weeks 1, 2, 3, & 4 weeks

Video's 2  & 3 weeks old

Ms Pink Walkin & Talkin:  //


Jaz is a great mom - keeps them puppies clean, whether they want to be or not - Ms Rainbow just wanted some dinner - but momma had other ideas lol




The milk Bar is now Serving Dinner


Doberman Puppy Moon Walking OMG this is too funny - Ms Pink - is at it again - demonstrating her super coordination skills - doing the Doberman Version of Moon Walking!! I think this little girl is going to keep someone on their toes!!!


Pups first non mild meal - a gruel made of puppy food and goats milk or cottage cheese

Pups @ 4 1/2 weeks moved from the whelping box to the big puppy play pen - I placed them all in the sleeping pool and set their food outside - to try and encourage them to climb out of the pool.  Only two were bold enough to leave without help and that was Mr. Green  and Ms Pink - the rest for this first time I needed to help -I have since made a little step and covered with a towel and they are getting in and out of the pool just fine.

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