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2018 Whelping Box #2

 Dobermans Fields
This Litter will be located in NY bred, owned and raised by Missy Fields

Dam: Trinity's Sweet Dream Legacy aka Legacy 

Pending passing of all health screens

Sire:  U-CH Devenshires Let Freedom Ring 



Chaser is a grandson of my bloodlines combined with Devenshire Dobermans.  This breeding combines the bloodlines of both kennels who have been breeding for decades and have many DPCA Longevity and Bred For Longevity certificates to validate their successful Health and Longevity in the breed.

Trinity Dobermans has Leased their sweet girl Trinity's Sweet Dream Legacy (1/2016) To Doberman Fields for a planned summer 2018 Litter.  This will be Legacy's first litter and  both red and black puppies will be expected.  Buyers can expect excellent Health, Longevity and amazing Temperaments, as is usual for Trinity Doberman pups.  Pups will all be vWD Clear.  Please go to Doberman Fields website and complete their Puppy Questionnaire and submit to start the approval process so you can be placed on the waiting list for this litter that will be located in NY..

All buyers must be pre-approved.  Reservation deposits will be accepted once the breeding takes place.  Legacy and Chaser should be bred in the April/May 2018 time frame.

These pups ARE going to be REAL Dobermans, we expect them to have a moderate level of prey driv, they are going to need both mental and physcal activity and they are going to be naturally protective of you at home and out in public.  It is going to be YOUR job to ensure these very bright, bold, intelligent pups are raised and trained to be well mannered obedient Dobermans.  My dobes are not Goldens or Labradors.  I've not watered down their  working abilities or their natural protection instincts.  My Dobermans are purposefully bred to be excellent family guardians and natural athletes and wonderful family companions who are going to NEED, no REQUIRE a lot of time from you to ensure they are raised and trained correctly. This is why I am very very selective where I place my puppies.  These pups will be blank slates when you receive them and it will be up to you to guide and mold through training and socialization to set them up to be well mannered and obedient companions and Ambassadors for the breed.  So think long and hard about whether you are the right type of owner my pups need for the rest of their lives, not just when they are so stinking cute lol

Dam = Trinity's Sweet Dream Legacy
 (Trinity's Sweet Dream Legacy X Int'l CH., BIMBS U-CH, U-R02 Trinity's Twilight Anticipation, CGC "Lestat" 
Legacy Health Testing:  OFA Hips - TBD  (3/18), OFA MSU Thyroid -  TBD (3/18), vWD = Clear
(2/18), Cardiac =  Echo TBD 3/18, Holter = Normal (2/18), CERF = TBD (3/18), DINGS = Clear (2/18)

The Doberman Diversity Project
Genetic COI = 24.2% (2/18)
vWD1 = Clear (2/18),
DM = Clear ( 2 /18)
DCM1(PDK4) = Clear (2/18)
MDR1 = Clear (2/18)
Dilute Gene = Clear (2/18)
Coat Color = #7 Brown (3/18)

This will be Legacy's 1st litter, she is an amazing social, funny, playful girl who loves everyone she meets.  She is a very "happy" affectionate doberman and plays well with the other members of her pack and other dogs too.  She has a very stable temperament and is a wonderfully smart and easy girl to live with  Not much bothers her. Legacy is naturally protective of her home and family and is a high alert for anything she can see or hear that she thinks does not belong.  This is naturally protective instinct is typical of  Trinity doberman pups.  In my opinion she has a medium prey drive.  Because of Chasers higher prey drive and Euro bloodlines, some of the pups in this litter will also have higher prey drives and higher energy levels and will definitely need owners with doberman experience. I expect a couple of these pups will make excellent prospects for entry level working and advanced level performance competition homes.  All these pups will be true dobermans in temperament, natural protection and energy levels yet will also make excellent pet and companions.  These puppies will not be couch potatoes, nor will they respond as Golden Retrievers or Labradors.  These pups will need confident, committed owners who have the time to make training and raising these intelligent pups a priority.

Sire = U-CH, U-WP Devenshires Let Freedom Ring CGC TKN ATTS
( Devenshires Princess Leia, CGC, NTD, RAE, CDX, UD  X RUS CH Eria Pro Grandmaster Flash
Chaser Health Testing  OFA Hips - Good , OFA MSU Thyroid - Normal (2/17) vWD - Clear
Cardiac =Echo  Normal (2/17), Holter = Normal (6/17), CERF = Normal (11/16), DM = Clear, DINGS = TBD, 

The Doberman Diversity Project

Genetic COI = 28.1% (6/17)
vWD1 = Clear (6 /17),
DM = Clear ( 6 /17)
DCM1(PDK4) = Clear (6/17)
MDR1 = Carrier (6/17)
Dilute Gene = Hetero 1 copy (6/17)
Coat Color = Black (can produce blackbrown, blue, fawn)(6/17)


All pups in this litter will be tested through The Doberman Diversity Project, and the test results included in the big Puppy Resource Book given to each buyer for their specific puppy. Pups will also have a personalized Genetic report from DDP/Embark that can be emailed to you or your vet.
The important role of Genetic Diversity Projects in improving health in the Doberman Breed.  Our breed is in a death spiral, with tremendous loss of health and longevity.  IMHO the best hope for finding answers to help improve this situation is through the many new genetic research projects.

I have chosen to support and participate in the Doberman Diversity Project because it is a research project looking at more than just Diversity.  The DDP test results will provide a Genetic COI (% of inbreeding), amount of Genetic Diversity, DNA Test Results for each puppy showing vWD status, Degenerative Myelopathy, DCM1 (PDK4), Coat Color Liver and Multi-drug sensitivity.  Please Click on the tab above for more information on the exciting new Doberman Diversity Project!

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